Art & Words

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

We are currently seeking 2020 grant funding to pay a $10-20 honorarium to each participant in the show. These will not be guaranteed, but our fingers are crossed!

The annual Art & Words show takes place every Fall in September or October.

Submissions for art and written work are open from March 1st to March 15th of every year. 

Writers do not  have to be located in Texas or able to attend to show in order to  submit, but acceptance is restricted to local visual artists for practical reasons. 

We accept unpublished or previously published work. Written works submitted will not be published online or in print, only displayed  and read aloud at the show, so submitting to this project should not  harm your chances of publishing the work elsewhere.

Each visual artist should send up to three .jpgs of visual work.  Each writer should submit up to three .rtfs or .docs of written work (up  to 800 words for each work of fiction, poetry, or nonfiction accepted,  all genres from the realistic to the fantastic) in standard manuscript  format. Please send a bio or cover letter with your submission  mentioning any publications, degrees, or memberships in critique  groups/writers’ or artists’ organizations. 


Art & Words is not a publication. For written works, the work submitted will not be published either online or in print; we do not acquire any rights to work, except the one time right to display a  single broadside of the story/poem/essay for the week of the show. You may absolutely submit work used in the show to other venues either before, during, or after the show.

You do have the option of allowing us to include your work in a PDF of the show which is sent out only to the creative participants in Art & Words (as many of the  participants are from out of state and are unable to attend, the PDF  allows them to experience the show in which their work was displayed).  This is entirely optional.

Visual art work included in Art & Words is treated  much the same as at a regular gallery; you have the option of allowing  us permission to include the art work in promotional materials and on  the Art on the Boulevard website, and of selling the work. Due to  practical concerns, we restrict submissions to local DFW area artists; artists will be expected to arrange for drop-off and pick-up  of their work at Art on the Boulevard. Art on the Boulevard’s commission  on visual art sold is 30%.

In 2019, we were able to pay an honorarium of $20 per participant; we are currently seeking funding for 2020, but honorariums are not guaranteed. 

Art & Words